ABOUT  silvie

Silvie Mahdal is a self-taught artist based in the Czech Republic. She uses the traditional combination of charcoal on paper to create (hyper)realistic drawings.

Through her figure drawings she contemplates an idea of the natural interplay between the human form and the ‘formless’ or even ‘ethereal’, using the authentic expression of the human body as a vehicle to capture a pure reflection of the innermost essence of our existence.

Silvie attempts to portray a sense of realness in her creations but at the same time abstraction in their meaning, to balance revelation of high level of detail and protection of an intimacy and mystery of the subjects, to tell stories without revealing the identity of the characters, and to personify the elusive and ordinary pleasures of life.

Her work celebrates simple and raw motifs. Subtle postures of the female body or its partial fragments. Being at ease. Relaxed. They speak to us in a very soft tone. Their alluring calm invites us to be present with them for a while.

One of the main themes of Silvie’s work is reverie (daydreaming) as a pleasant way of losing oneself in existence and immersing in the present moment. It’s not an escape from the outside world, but rather escape from our perception of it. Lingering in a quiet corner of our minds, hidden beyond the everyday thoughts, may initiate us into new perspectives, new inspiration, new ways of perceiving reality and deeper internal self-awareness.

The simplicity of Silvie’s work opens the space for subjective impressions, giving it the meaning that most appeals to us as observers. The lack of identity of her characters helps us to easily sense the very essence and leaves us in a comforting silence beyond the reach of analytical thoughts.

Silvie spends tens of hours drawing a single piece. It is a time of calmness and active meditation. The process itself and the themes create a harmonious unity and help her to cultivate an inner peace and an elevated state of mind. She hopes it will have a similar impact on the observers.