Easy Tutorial – How to Draw an Eye?

Eyes are the most complicated facial features, but it does not necessarily mean it is hard to draw them. This little tutorial will teach you how to draw an eye with these easy step by step instructions.

In order to achieve a realistic look of the eye use at least pencils of F – 8B grades. If you want to see appropriate materials for drawing I recommend you to look at my previous blog post describing all my materials for drawing realistic portraits here. If you want to know the basic tips for for all drawings look at my post about basic tips for drawing here.

Step 1 – Outlines

You should start with drawing the outline of the eye – almond shape, pupil, iriseyeball (sclera), waterline, eyelid, tear duct. Look at the shapes of your eye parts in the mirror to get the proportions right.

Step 2 – Iris and Pupil

Start with shading an iris. Remember that iris is composed of many highlights and shadows. Start with soft shading (you can use F and 3B pencil to make the first layer). Add some more soft layers with darker pencils (you can use 4B – 6B pencils). After shading the iris you should fill the pupil with the darkest pencil you have (I mostly use 6B – 8B pencils). If you want to make your eye look more realistic, leave some white area as a light reflection (it can be in various forms – circle, square, oval).

Step 3 – Eyeball

Now you should shade the eyeball. Remember that the eyeball is never fully white thus you should add some light grey shading in order to achieve the roundness (make the darker shading in the corners and also in the place where the eyeball touches the waterline).

Draw some shadows and highlights in the tear duct area.


Step 5 – Skin

Shade the skin around the eye. Start with soft light layer and then add some more layer with a darker pencil. If you are drawing an eye of a woman you can add some eyeliner with a dark pencil (use 6B – 8B pencil).

Step 5 – Eyelashes

Add some eyelashes to the area of upper eyelid and lower eyelid. Find a full tutorial how to draw eyelashes here.

Step 6 – Getting realistic

You can add some eyelashes reflections to the area of light reflection. Carefully add some blood vessels (use HB pencil to make a thin light lines). Do not be afraid to add some more darker shading to some part of your drawing (it will bring more depth into your drawing).




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  • Annisa
    Posted at 13:21h, 12 April Reply

    it will be so much better if you put video on your blog 🙂

  • sidhant gupta
    Posted at 22:38h, 25 April Reply

    I Am happy that i found your website!… Best Eye Tutorial .. actually only tutorial which actually helps! btw… Can u Make a tutorial on “How to Draw Zoomed Photorealistic eye with Tiny details”

  • Annie Braithwaite
    Posted at 07:59h, 15 May Reply

    Thanks so much Silvie!

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